Bye Bye Beef Grief, 2018
Canvas, watercolor, acrylic paint, tissue paper, fiber fill, thread, and glue

Blackberry Preserves, 2018
Canvas, acrylic paint, watercolor, thread, fiberfill,  vinyl, spray paint, model magic, medical tubing and tape

                    Blackberries Taste Okay, 2018
                    Watercolor, acrylic, and pastel on canvas 

Switch to Neutral, 2017
pool noodles, canvas, LED lights, fabric, hair, my mother’s panty hose, yarn , pipe cleaners, latex paint, oil paint, papier mache, nylon rope, fiber fill, duct tape, and wood

Installation images from ART BASH, Austin Art Alliance

Altarpiece, 2017
oil paint, canvas, wood, yarn, my mother’s pantyhose, fiberfill, papier-mâché, oil pastel
70 in x 72 in x 29 in

Alternative Altarpiece, 2017

nylon fabric, acrylic paint, papier-mâché , plastic eggs, string, LED lights, MDF, and hair
Dimensions are variable (installation approximately 9 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft)

Alternatice Altarpiece (detail)

Drain Drama , 2017

oil paint, acrylic paint, oil pastel, papier mache, fiberfill, and my mother’s panty hose on canvas
6 ft x 14 ft x 5 ft

Figure on Floating Dock, 2017

papier-mâché , wood, acrylic paint, fabric, and pom-poms
Dimensions Variable

Knitting, 2017

Charcoal, acrylic, chalk pastel, gouache and oil pastel on paper, 43 in x 58 in

Get Well Soon, 2017

acrylic paint, watercolor, oil pastel, fabric, my mothers panthose, pipe cleaners, yarn, papier-mache, ink, fiberfill and canvas

Journey’s End with Pink Ball , 2016

acrylic, oil pastel, gouache, papier-mâché, graphite powder, and ink on canvas, 6 ft x 10 ft x 5 ft

Lethargy, 2016

watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil pastel, and crepe paper on paper, 4 ft x 5ft

Blood Bag with Arm, 2016

gouache, highlighter, graphite powder, acrylic and oil pastel on paper, 12 in x 8 in

Journey’s End, 2016

acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and graphite powder on paper

Enchanted Rock, 2016

acrylic, watercolor, graphite powder, paper towel, and oil pastel on canvas, 3 ft x 4 ft

Blood Bag with Pool Noodle, 2016

oil and oil pastel on arches oil paper, 16 in x 12 in

Enchanted Rock (Drawing), 2016

graphite powder, highlighter, acrylic and gouache on paper
9 in x 12 in