Moleskin, 2020
digitally printed zine
edition of 15

“A Love Story”
  Installation and video. papier-mâché, chicken wire, water color, latex paint, polyfil, fake flowers, plastic eggs, and oil pastel.



               “Udder Love”
                water color, latex paint, oil pastel, tissue paper, and fake flowers on canvas
                9ft x 12 ft

 “You can have what I have now, if you really believe it”
Performance and installation in Rosa Nussbaum’s Bathtub


                “Hiding from Nazis”
                water color, gouache, marker, and pastel on paper
                12 in x 16 in

Alicia Link and Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez
May 11th - May 31st, 2019
In their installation Preludes, Alicia Link and Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez imagine a place where their mothers meet for the first time. Fixed to Partial Shade’s Platform two “upholstered” pillars support a swath of material that will feature video(s) during designated viewing times. The screen doubles as a sail alluding to past histories of both women. Surrounding the platform woven scraps of fabric sparkle, sprawl, soften, and contrast the inherent flux of the landscape. Objects in the space serve as props and prompts presenting a give and take with the audience acting as a witness to this exchange. In mimicking the actions of their mothers, Link and Ramirez attempt to carefully understand the complexities of motherhood while carving a space for those nuances to take form. Preludes acknowledges the profound impact the artists’ mothers have on their work and examines how one of the most fundamental relationships can grow or wither with time.

Booby Trap

Małgorzata from Alicia Link on Vimeo.

Bye Bye Beef Grief, 2018
Canvas, watercolor, acrylic paint, tissue paper, fiber fill, thread, and glue

Blackberry Preserves, 2018
Canvas, acrylic paint, watercolor, thread, fiberfill,  vinyl, spray paint, model magic, medical tubing and tape

                    Blackberries Taste Okay, 2018
                    Watercolor, acrylic, and pastel on canvas