Syrena, 2020- 2021

A mixed media installation that conflates the turbulent and tragic histories of the Polish matriarchs
in Link‘s family with the monument of a mermaid  located in Warsaw’s “Old Town.”


Syrena (clip) from Alicia Link on Vimeo




    Hiding from Nazis
    water color, gouache, marker, and pastel on paper
    12 in x 16 in

Borscht Babies
ink, pencil, and watercolor on paper

Moleskin, 2020
digitally printed zine
edition of 15

A Love Story 

What conditions could be more perfect for romance than balmy summer days in rural Vermont? And, thanks to the s-l-o-w current of the Gihon River, these two raw, bloodied bodies encounter each other for the first time. “A Love Story” follows the chance meeting and courtship between these two limb-like forms. Tommy James and the Shondells 1968 song Crimson and Clover sets a familiar and nostalgic tone as images of the unfamiliar and abject float and dance in the video. Meanwhile, a flashback of invasive probing and poking complicates what is otherwise a sweet affair.

  Installation and video. papier-mâché, chicken wire, water color, latex paint, polyfil, fake flowers, plastic eggs, and oil pastel.




               Udder Love
                water color, latex paint, oil pastel, tissue paper, and fake flowers on canvas
                9ft x 12 ft


 You can have what I have now, if you really believe it
Performance and installation in Rosa Nussbaum’s Bathtub